Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to make friends on Omegle

Tired of those short conversations on Omegle that get you no where except a feeling of disapointment and wasted time? In this article you will learn some tips on how to make friends on Omegle!

Things You'll Need:

* Internet connection
* Time

Step 1

Don't start a conversation with an arbitrary "ASL?" You will get no where fast.

Step 2

Instead start the conversation with something a little more interesting then "hi." Test some greetings out and see which ones get the best responses.

Step 3

You got a response back, great. Now how do you keep it going? Start probing the person for possible topics of interest. Just as you, the person on the other end is probably bored so be random but interesting.
Step 4

Don't be discouraged if you're conversation runs dry after 10 minutes, if you aren't talking about anything by now then it is probably going nowhere so just move on to the next person.
Step 5

Listen to what the other person says and take from it what you can to learn about the person and craft your responses to make the other person more interested in talking with you.

Step 6

Be as honest as you feel necessary, however if you are under age 18 don't give out any personal information. Simply leave if you feel uncomfortable and don't let anyone else play with your emotions.
Step 7

Keep it relatively clean and be respectful to the other person, tream them as you would want to be treated.

Step 8

If the time comes where one of you has to go or you are ready to exchange contact information, think about starting with an email address.


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