Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Omegle: Chat With Strangers Anonymously – Sounds Exciting? Try it!

Omegle is an innovative chat service launched by a 18-year-old tech enthusiast. How is this chat different from others is that you have no control over who you chat with + the chat is completely anonymous.
There is no registration or signup required to start chatting, once you are on Omegle just click on “Start a Chat” and you will be hooked up with one of the (currently) 2000 strangers waiting to chat with other strangers.
This is almost like a blind date, except on a blind date you know you are either with a girl or a guy on date but on you don’t even have control over that.
Overall, a good concept, the idea of talking to strangers excites at first but later spoilt by sex-starved strangers trying to send their naked pictures.
At this point I don’t see how the traffic can be monetized; probably monetizing was never the idea. Nonetheless good concept executed very well. Leif K-Brooks, Founder of , plans to major in Computer Science next year, however, in the mean while he is up for Hire for interesting projects.
If you are interested, get his e-mail from here to contact him and here to visit .


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