Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is Omegle?

By Wikipedia Author

Omegle is a website used to communicate with random, anonymous people across the Internet via chat. The name "Omegle" is an alteration of the word omega. The blue part of the logo contains an omega (Ω) turned diagonally.

How it works
The service randomly pairs up users online into one-on-one chat windows, where they can chat anonymously using the handles "You" and "Stranger".[3] Either party can disconnect at any time.

History and usage

At launch, the service garnered around 100 concurrent users. As of November 2009, the total population online at any one time can reach approximately 5000, and the site was reported to be getting 150,000 hits per day.[4] The use of the mandatory chatnames "You" and "Stranger", the oddly chipper "Talk to Strangers!" slogan of the site, and prompts such as "Your conversational partner has disconnected" at the end of a chat, appeared to fuel the popularity of the site.[5]

The kind of chat that Omegle popularized is called anonymous chat, stranger chat, or 1-on-1 chat. Comparisons have been made to early 1990s AOL.[6]. The site now provides an Omegle iPhone application that lets users chat with strangers from an iPhone or iPod Touch device.[7]

There are no restrictions on age or any other user characteristic. The site does not appear to censor contributions through a profanity filter. An Internet safety blog reviewed Omegle and the author cited that "on my first chat I was offered Crack and then cursed at with plenty of F's showing up".[8] There are still warnings about the site and the BBC has commented, "This is not a site for younger users."[9]


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