Sunday, January 24, 2010

Omegley Tips

Now if you have been reading my blog, I think you are aware that I am a bit of an omegle addict. Well, not completely. But I'm heading there. This post is completely different from my other ones, so excuse me. It involves me getting preachy and very know-it-all-ish... Something that doesn't go down well with ANYONE.

I know.


What is Omegle? Omegle in one word is Procrastination. But since you are such a n00b and probably staring into the surroundings with your jaw dropped making this confused face I cannot be bothered to describe ( just get it!... a confused face), I shall indulge.

Omegle is basically a website that allows you to just chat with strangers.


Thats what is SO cool about omegle. And that is also the reason why it is also a bit of a pain in the bum. But lets not speak of its cons just yet.

How do I use it? Well, all you have to do is go to Omegle and click on the big blue "Start a chat" button right in the centre of the page. It takes you to another page which looks very similar to (well, at least since I use it) an MSN Messenger chat window. You will be christened with the username 'You' and the person you are chatting with will be identified as 'Stranger'. What happens next is upto you...

But lets be warned here that it will take a LONG time for you to actually strike up a conversation. Don't let that put you down.


But, why would I wanna talk to strangers? Unless you have "other" intentions with the site, you will probably be visiting it because you are either 'bored' or (as mentioned earlier) 'procrastinating'. There doesn't seem to be any specific reason why anyone would wanna talk to strangers.

Fine. I'm interested in the site. But I don't know what to say to a complete stranger. The first two times I tried the random chat, I actually freaked out. For no apparent reason. I just spazzed out. And closed the window. The third time someone came on and the first thing he/she said was, "10 random facts about you... shoot".

I was still freaked. So I closed the window.

But here are some things you can talk to them about.

After the casual "hey" or "hi" and the formal salutations in which you ask them either "wassup?" or "how are you" you could use any of the following:

-What are you doing?
-What are you listening/watching to?
-Whats the last movie you watched?
-What do you do?
-Whats your favorite artist/movie/ice cream flavor... you know...?

I weirdly have the habit of asking them if they are Nerdfighters. Something that doesn't go down very well at all. Most times I'm explaining what Nerdfighters are.

You could also break formal boundaries by asking them who it is. At least this way you get to know if your talking to a dude or a chick.


My experience on the site has thought me a number of things.

1) As someone once told me, the people on there might just be horny. I normally disconnect conversations starting with asl.

2) People will not know English and may even reply in Chinese/Japanese. Relax, just disconnect. Its not much of a 'racial' issue, but people may wanna talk to people from their respective country. So, they may just disconnect you after they find out your from another country. Don't take it to heart.

As I said. Persevere.

Here is a tip that I think I figured out in case your a bit specific about the people you wanna chat with, if someone starts of with a "Hello" in response to your "Hey" or "Hi", I think its safe to say that English isn't their predominant language.

You could skip this if you wanna meet people from around the world.

3) People come on the site with dumb expectations. As a matter of fact you too will be on there, and for some reason will imagine some one of the opposite sex as the 'Stranger'. Its not always the condition. But sometimes some people will find that out and disconnect you.


4)I guess it goes without saying, please make sure you don't give out unnecessary information here.

(Is it evident that I'm REALLY bad at this self help kinda thingy that I'm trying to write up here?)

A conversation I had today,

Stranger:knock knock
You: who is there?
Stranger: disco
You: disco who?
Stranger: disconnect

*stranger disconnects the conversation*

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is why Omegle sucks

One of our Member's conversation:

You: Hullo
Stranger: hullo yourself :D
You: How is your life going, luv?
You: Oy, is this computer machine broken?
Stranger: whats the matter with you? :p
You: Wot? I don't understand your question.
Stranger: me neither. :p
You: Then why ask it?
Stranger: because im stupid :)
You: Oy, now don't go round sayin' that!
Stranger: okay. im really sorry :(
You: Don't call yourself stupid, luv.
Stranger: okay then
Stranger: im smart
You: So luv, what... gender? I think that's what humans call it. What gender are you?
Stranger: haha. I am a girl, and u?
You: Oh well... I think by your standards, I'd be a male but I'd classify myself as a Time Lord.
Stranger: oh really? :p
You: Yes. Are you... familiar with my race?
Stranger: why? are you a vampire? :p
You: Vampires don't exist. Well, plamsavores do and they are similar to you humans silly vampire.
You: I mean, who has ever heard of a vampire SPARKLING?
Stranger: I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!! :D
You: ... Oh dear, I think I've lost her.
Stranger: love
Stranger: love
Stranger: love
You: I'm sorry. I am so sorry .
Stranger: love
Stranger: why? :p
You: Because Twilight is actually an infectious virus.
You: You'll be dead in about a week
Stranger: I know . You get obsessed!!
Stranger: Nooo!
You: The obsession you're feeling is actually tiny parasites eating away at your tiny brain.
You: ONly stupid people get infected ofr obvious reasons
Stranger: actually my brain is bigger than yours. I think of love and piece. When boys only think of WAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!
You: It's spelled "peace." And as a Time Lord, I'm against war
Stranger: whatever geek
Stranger: :D
You: And how old are you?
Stranger: im 16, u?
You: I'm a 900-year-old Time Lord. I think I win.
Stranger: yea right :D
Stranger: do you have any friends, geek? :)
You: Wow, nice comeback from the teeny-bopper Twilight-lover with a parasite eating her almost non-existent brain.
You: I'm 900 years old. Of course I have friends.
You: You do realized Edward Cullen is an abusive pedophile?
Stranger: okay. has he fucked you though?
Stranger: time lord is another word for gay lortd :D
Stranger: lord*
You: He can't "fuck" anything. In order to get an erection, he'd have to have blood but vampires don't.
Stranger: God, you're wierd?
You: Not only that, but his blood was replaced by a poisonous venom, according to SMeyer, so that would have killed Bella as soon as she came into contact with that.
You: Not weird, just smart and sensible.
Stranger: okay geek. bye?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I do believe Time lord > Twitward :D

Congratulations Omegle, you beat us to it.

Over the past couple of months or so, me and a friend were working on an idea, and we kept the details of the same mostly to ourselves. It was called “Connr”, a shortened version of “connector”. (Update – we’re using the name for soemthign else now.)
The whole idea was to connect a visitor to another random visitor and let them speak. It was a good idea, and there wasn’t really anybody else who had an idea like this. We were planning to launch early next month on an amazon EC2 server.
Today, I found out about “Omegle“, a service that does exactly what ours does. It received coverage from many major weblogs, including XKCD’s, thus making our product completely redundant even if we do decide to launch it. While our product was more impressive on the backend, and we already figured out how to solve some of the problems that they are facing, they were first – and in this industry that’s all that counts.
While we are terribly disheartened by our idea not making it into the big league, we learnt a lot, and we’re glad that an independent student like us, rather than a faceless corporation got in on this idea.
I would like to wish Leif Brooks, creator of Omegle the best of luck for a successful application.

What the hell is this omegle?

A new website has popped up on the Internet that I stumbled upon called Omegle. The idea is simple yet cool at the same time. When connected to the site you are randomly matched with another individual and placed in a chat room. What happens here is up to you and of course you are dealing with the Internet.
The idea was created by Leif K-Brooks and was first launched on March 25th. Playing around with it I encountered a cross section of the Internet, a little weird but in some cases some pretty cool conversations. Your results may vary but the popularity of the site has only grown.
Around 1800 people are now connected and chatting and I can’t help but thinking that the website is bringing us all a bit closer together… virtually that is. Is this what the whole “Web 2.0″ phenomenon was about? I’m not quite sure but it’s pretty damn cool either way.
Leif says he wants to see meaningful discussions and not just trolls and spam and will be looking for a way to crack down on such activity. I wish him well as I continue to explore the far reaches of the Internet and Omengle is taking me one step closer.
Source: Omegle

The New York Times recently highlighted new chat site in their Technology section. It’s a site we’ve been watching since it first hit the scene in March 2009. Their premise is simple: Click “Start a chat” and you’re immediately connected with a completely random person.
No logins. No terms & conditions. No warnings. Just sink or swim. The living embodiment of Mama Gump’s take on life: It’s a box of chocolates and you don’t know what you’re gonna get.
In the month or so I’ve been using Omegle I’ve spoken to an unlucky-in-love teenager in Ohio, been invited to couchsurf at an apartment in Bergen, Norway, been the guest on a “talk show” hosted by “Oprah Ricardo”, and had a variety of chats that have lasted from ten seconds to half an hour.
And I just can’t stop. Maybe it’s the thrill of the unknown, but I’m hooked, and I’m not alone. Here are a few recent Twitter remarks about Omegle:
anc__: is the strangest site i’ve ever been to…….ever…….
jaywinsthegame: god, omegle is so much effing fun.
googlygoogly: talking to some girl on omegle from north korea? is that even possible?
skankage: FUN as HELL! RT @tonylittle Oh god. is fantastic. You can talk to random people anonymously and make a damn fool of yourself.
Being so young, the the site’s normal stats don’t show us a lot, but there’s still evidence that Omegle is touching a nerve in significant ways (all counts are as of May 11, 2009):
  • Post to founder Leif K-Brooks’s March 30 official Omegle blog has received 381 comments
  • Mention of Omegle on XKCD’s Blag [sic] has received 592 comments, mostly reposts of actual Omegle conversations.
  • Gawker post has 34,552 views.
It was enough press to make me take notice. There is enough promise to Omegle’s “Talk to a stranger” proposition to suggest that Omegle can become a relevant and profitable web property. But it will need to take a slow, methodical approach in growth and never deviate from the core promise of the site: At any moment, you can chat with a random stranger. This core value should never be compromised at the expense of further channel development.

What’s old is new again

Omegle is scoring big points and drawing modest crowds via organic growth. Positive mentions on trusted media are the primary drivers of traffic on the mainstream web. Visits are being driven by a curiosity factor – curiosity in a technology that is not much more than AOL’s People Connection circa 1994 (for you kids, that’s AIM before AIM was AIM, and you had to use a phone line). Instead of touting some newfangled communication platform here (such as, say, microblogging), Omegle has stripped away the technology and laid the web prostrate before us in its most raw form and in a refreshing way.

Your friends aren’t really your friends

Omegle’s continued growth will come from building a community of enthusiastic users touting the medium, like any successful social media site. We’ve come so far with social networking and media sites that Omegle’s retro charm is very inviting. I rarely use the chat feature of Facebook because the not-so-sad reality is that many of my “friends” aren’t really my friends anymore or never were; and this does not reflect poorly on them, or me, at all. Growth, time, and geography spin us apart. Omegle has touched upon an urgent need for the Web Generation to meet new people and be themselves in a pseudo-social way.
Omegle will see its greatest growth through word of mouth, predominantly on message boards and social media. Fortunately again, Omegle has emerged and entered its experimentation phase at a time when social networks are at a penetration peak. It could be a fairly quick experimentation phase for if its early adopters tout the channel. However, the hard work lies ahead when it enters what promises to be a long gestation and a struggle for adoption with a platform that is hardly new.

Encouraging adoption

Omegle’s initial charm will, rather ironically, lead to its stagnation as many users hit a What Now moment earlier than for most other social media. Answering that question and making some necessary changes to the channel will help encourage Omegle growth. Changes should include community moderation and user ratings of good conversations. I’ll expand on these ideas in a future post. Until then, I’d keep an eye on the growth of Omegle.

Takeaway Message

I recommend trying Omegle. I think there’s potential here for viral marketing opportunities. Explore giving away a product to a willing participant. Invite them to contact you after the chat and send them your product with the understanding that they’ll give you some feedback. See what happens. Omegle is clearly something you shouldn’t spend a lot of time on, but it’s worth experimenting. Creating great content on a platform that encourages one-to-one communication is hard to justify from an ROI perspective, but you never know.

My Question to You

What do you think of Omegle? Any ideas on how you can create compelling content for an individual that entices them to share their experience with your brand or your product? Let me know if you have any early successes!


Omegle Website Review

What Parents Need to Know

 This chat site’s catchphrase, "Talk to strangers!", says it all. Though created by an 18-year-old, Omegle is not for kids. The site puts two strangers together in a chat room. Though chats start out anonymous, users often ask for and share personal information. Language is uncensored and sexual come-ons and requests for email addresses are common. Omegle can be fun when both users desire a real conversation. It might be worth the effort for older teens willing to sift through the trash talk. But younger kids, especially girls, should steer clear.

Is It Any Good?

Omegle takes anonymous two-person chat to the next, satirical level with its tongue-in-cheek "Talk to strangers!" slogan and “You” and “Stranger” chat handles. The interface is barebones, but the 'tude makes it a hipper choice some other chat sites. There are even iPhone and iPod versions for "strangers on the go." Meeting a (possibly beautiful) stranger online gives anonymous chat sites like Omegle an element of danger and excitement that most kids crave.  Teen creator Leif K-Brooks describes it simply as a place to "make new friends," and we did chat with some nice kids. But it's also a fertile hunting ground for sexual predators who can take advantage of the anonymity. K-Brooks says he's working to make the site safer. Until then we don't recommend it for kids younger than 17.

How Omegle Doesn’t Work -or- Signs that it may be time to examine your life…

Not by what he said, or by the fact that Omegle exists, but by the fact that anyone would use it. Here’s the description given of Omegle:
What is Omegle? It’s a chat room that pairs you randomly with someone else. Both chatters are anonymous, identified only by the handle “Stranger.” You can chat about anything you like. You can share data or talk about the weather. You can make a new friend or frustrate a stranger until he or she chooses to disconnect from the conversation. It’s pretty much a free-for-all.
I’m stunned by Omegle in the same way that I am stunned when I read that tens of millions of people are paying to play World of Warcraft, and that the average WoW player is wasting 22 hours per week on the game.
Why am I stunned? Have you ever heard an advice columnist talk to someone who is totally strung out on drugs, or completely involved in a gambling addiction? The columnist might say, “hey, if you have spent so much money on your habit that you can’t pay the rent and you’ve been evicted, that’s a warning sign that you may want to seek help.” In the same way, if you find that you are spending 20 hours a week on WoW, or that you think that random anonymous conversations with strangers in Omegle is a good idea, then it might be time to take stock of your life.

If you are in the kind of place where Omegle is sounding appealing, Just Say No to Omegle! Here are some options to consider:
1) Instead of talking to random strangers in Omegle, what about talking to the real people around you? For example, introducing yourself and meeting your neighbors, colleagues at work, or even folks down at the local bar?
2) How about reconnecting with real people already in your life, like friends and family? Surely they have something to talk about.
3) What about setting a goal and trying to accomplish something interesting? For example, setting a goal of making a million dollars, running a marathon, buying a house, or creating a new world record?
4) Or what about volunteering? You can meet lots of folks and help other people in the process. You can join a political campaign, work at the animal shelter, become a Big Brother or Big Sister, help the homeless, join an environmental group, build with Habitat for Humanity, etc.
5) Could you take a class in something that really interests you at a local community college or university?
6) What about joining a club? A hiking club, a robot club, a club for people flying RC planes or huge stratospheric model rockets, a car club, a bike club, or whatever interests you?
7) What about art? Make any kind of art and then display it. Painting, sculpture, photography, kinetic art, folk art, poetry, pottery, mobiles….
8 ) Or a DIY project?
9) What about Karate or some other martial art? That would let you protect yourself if you ever find yourself in a bad place.
10) Can you rebuild an old house, an old car, an antique dresser, an old computer or something else?
11) What about adopting a kid? Believe me, kids will totally change your life…
12) Or, if you really do want to talk anonymously to strangers on the Internet, what about finding an online forum where people are talking about something useful (not WoW!) that interests you? There are millions of forums on the Internet and many of them are populated with folks who know tons about the given topic. Ask them questions. Learn by reading other posts. You might be surprised by what you discover. Then go apply your new skills with real people in the real world.
In other words, if you are thinking about trying Omegle, there has GOT to be something better out there for you to try. Let Omegle or WoW be an indicator that you are reaching bottom. Think about it before you type that URL.
This public service announcement brought to you by the Council Against Internet Addiction.

4 New Funny Omegle Convos | Funniest Omegle Logs

It’s a simple site that just connects you to a random person, anonymously, for a conversation.
It feels like that scene in Fight Club where the narrator sits down next to Tyler on the plane.  Two strangers meeting, laying out their personality and sizing each other up in just a few words, with no expectations, and — thanks to anonymity — no consequences.
Except in this case, a lot of the time Tyler just screams “COCKS”, punches the narrator, and jumps out of the window.
Still, it’s fun!

connecting to server…
you’re now chatting with a random stranger. say hi!
stranger: greetings you delicious stranger
you: thanks
stranger: that wasn’t a compliment
you: i know
stranger: how was your day?
stranger: did you meet tim at the mall?
you: yeah
stranger: that guy is such a douche
stranger: don’t you think?
you: yeah i think so too
stranger: i know you are a spambot
stranger: bye forever

connecting to server…

stranger: hi
stranger: a/s/l
you: tell me a story
stranger: once upon a time
stranger: there was a stranger
stranger: he said
stranger: f_ck you

connecting to server…
looking for someone you can chat with. hang on.
you’re now chatting with a random stranger. say hi!
you: you walk into a room and see a flash what do you do?
stranger: turn around and walk out
you: cowardice.
you: you lost the game.

connecting to server…
looking for someone you can chat with. hang on.
you’re now chatting with a random stranger. say hi!
stranger: hi
you: you walk into a room and see a flash what do you do?
stranger: smile
you: unable to see anything, you smiled. someone suddenly thrust something like a microphone in your hands, then walked back into the room. what you do?
stranger: speak
you: you spoke.
you: as the flash thins off, you notice several beaten down and a few dead people in the room, and a staircase going down.
you: you look at your hand and see a small blunt weapon covered in blood.
you: you started to hear police sirens. what you do?
stranger: run
you: you started running. two police officers saw you. they drew their guns and started shooting. what you do?
stranger: ninja
you: you try to ninja your way out. a bullet pierced through your forehead. h_adshot, b_tch.
you: you lost the game.
stranger: lawl

Thanks M. Tekin for the logs

Best Random Conversation Contest!

Culture Buzz New contest! Have a random conversation with a stranger on Omegle, then post a screenshot of the result as your entry. Funny conversations get gold stars and featured on the front page, so late entries will still have a good chance of winning. The funniest conversation posted by Monday night is the winner!

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: You are alone in a dark passage. It leads off to the east and west.
Stranger: I steal the mailbox
Stranger: wait
Stranger: crap
Stranger: ok
Stranger: ok
Stranger: look
You: There is no mailbox here
Stranger: w
You: you go west, and fall
You: youre still falling
You: you look down, and don't even see a floor
Stranger: equip parachute
You: You suddenly fall much slower
Stranger: equip umbrella
Stranger: cast soul of mary poppins
You: after about an hour of this you finally reach a floor
You: There is a door here, reinforced by steel, the engraving reads, Main Rotator.
Stranger: open door
You: The door is welded shut.
Stranger: equip BFG 9000
You: You blast a HUGE FUCKING HOLE in the door.
You: There is a long corridor.
Stranger: yodel
You: Your yodel echoes around the wall, but then you hear another voice echoing, "Hello?"
You: A man materializes out of thin air.
You: He is wearing a blue cape, he is slightly dark skinned and carrying a large staff.
Stranger: ask man if he would like to trade lunches as your mom packed you tuna "because it's good for you"
You: He says, "Welcome, adventurer, to the center of the Earth!"
You: He says, "No way man, tuna is horrible, but you can have my go gurt for free"
Stranger: take gogurt
You: You feel very powerfull.
Stranger: replace gogurt with tuna to play a trick on someone later
You: You feel weak again.
Stranger: it's okay cause i have a bfg 90000
Stranger: 9000*
You: He says, "You want to play some dungeons and dragons, a couple of my friends are coming and you can observe"
Stranger: ask why the immense gravitational forces at the center of the earth have not destroyed us yet
You: "I have the whole area enclosed in a bubble of pressure, if you push that button over there, the bubble will burst and we will all die"
Stranger: do not push button as that will prevent you from tricking someone by giving them a gogurt wrapper filled with tuna
Stranger: accept his invitation to play dnd
You: About 30 minutes later, you sit at a table with a bunch of pudgy guys in their mid thirties. The dungeon master says,
"This is a serious playthrough", "I expect total roleplaying, and no funny business"
Stranger: ask dm if he wants some gogurt
You: DM says, "My grandma wont app- AHH fuck it! Hand it over, here have my mjolnir's hammer!"
Stranger: trade tuna gogurt for mjolnir's hammer
You: You hear a thundering voice, "Use it well, my child"
You: The DM grimaces in disgust. "Dude...."
You: Suddenly, you hear a crash in the back ground, a rebel soldier bursts into the room and says, "Battle stations everyone! The storm troopers have boarded the ship!"
You: The trooper hands you a lazer pistol and rebel outfit.
Stranger: Give a confused look at the trooper since he just completely missed your BFG 9000 but accept his laser pistol anyway. check pockets of rebel outfit.
You: The storm trooper looks right through you. You find a lightsaber and a portal gun.
Stranger: check color of lightsaber
You: You also find a note that says, "Eddies in the space time continuum"
Stranger: wonder how many different universes this story will end up referencing
You: Lightsaber is green.
You: You wonder aimlessly...
You: The storm trooper slaps you, come with me!
Stranger: go with storm trooper
You: He leads you to a computer terminal, and says, before you can fight, you must sign up for our newsletter. You can also follow the rebel forces on twitter.
You: There is another tab open in the browser, it says, "www.getmeouttahere!!!!!!!!.com"
Stranger: check facebook instead
You: You check your facebook account, you have 3 friend requests, the guy that used to beat you up in high school, the ugly nerd that had a crush on you, and one of your forgotten childhood friends.
Stranger: friend them and spend the next few hours stalking their photos and reading their notes
You: You see that the ugly nerd has a whole web page as a tribute to you, the guy that beat you up is contemplating suicide, and your forgotten friend is exactly the same as he used to be.
You: You hear shooting and cursing of darth vader in the background.
Stranger: google nerd's name to see if she's rich
You: She is middle class.
Stranger: aww
You: It looks like she is sitting on a pretty nice timeshare though.
Stranger: check if station is about to explode
Stranger: do all monitors say danger or are all lights flashing red for example
You: 50% of the monitors say danger, the other half are showing a blue screen of death.
You: There is an escape pod to the west.
Stranger: steal an expensive but takeable looking piece of machinery and head for escape pod
You: you drop down and enter a twenty minute long sequence of random colors in your scree- I mean view.
You: You drop into a world where something seems wrong.
You: There are humans all running towards you, it seems they are running away from something...
You: You hear primordial yelling, they sound like.....apes?
Stranger: Does one of the humans wear a giant green suit of armor and talk to a purple lady coming out of his suit?
Stranger: ok good
You: You hear a voice in your head, "The narrator would never take you there, EVER!"
You: Suddenly the shrieks stop...
Stranger: find ape city
You: You find the ape city after years of searching, you are seen and taken in as a slave.
You: The apes torture you and treat you like crap.
You: One night, you hear many thumping sounds.
Stranger: use advanced technology to make apes think i am god
You: silly human, there is only one ape god.
Stranger: kill ape god
You: One night, you hear a thumping sound.
You: It sounds like....a crowbar.
You: Suddenly you see a man coming out of the darkness.
You: He is wearing a hazardous environment containment suit, and holding a crowbar in his right hand.
You: He says,"I am god".
You: You cannot help but to say, "I'm comming with you, Dr. Freeman!"
Stranger: set a portal in ape city with portal gun so that you could come and take over it later
You: Where does the portal lead to?
Stranger: nowhere yet, you only set one silly
You: Oh, sorry.
Stranger: forgive narrator
You: You set the portal, and no one seems to care.
You: no one in your cell that is.
Stranger: follow gordon freeman back to black mesa
Stranger: try to pick up on all the hidden g-men in various tv screens
You: You go with gordon freeman, It takes a while, but you finally get there. You arrive in the ruins of black mesa, it has been deserted for years.
You: You see the g-MAN, but he is never at a reachable place.
Stranger: ask gordon freeman if he would set you up with alyx.
You: Hes like, "Dude I've been trying to tap dat for years, the bitch is as uptight as my mother!"
You: "Alright, you can have her number"
Stranger: take number. also find and domesticate a headcrab
You: You find one, you decide to name it Lamar.
You: In your attemps to domestincate your headcrab, your portal gun slips, and a portal was created.
Stranger: unleash headcrab at apes
You: Lamar has no teeth, she fruitlessly sucks on the apes heads.
Stranger: go north
You: You enter a very dark room, there is a pudgy man playing world of warcraft.
Stranger: alright I gotta go. This was more fun than most omegle conversations kthxbai!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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