Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Congratulations Omegle, you beat us to it.

Over the past couple of months or so, me and a friend were working on an idea, and we kept the details of the same mostly to ourselves. It was called “Connr”, a shortened version of “connector”. (Update – we’re using the name for soemthign else now.)
The whole idea was to connect a visitor to another random visitor and let them speak. It was a good idea, and there wasn’t really anybody else who had an idea like this. We were planning to launch early next month on an amazon EC2 server.
Today, I found out about “Omegle“, a service that does exactly what ours does. It received coverage from many major weblogs, including XKCD’s, thus making our product completely redundant even if we do decide to launch it. While our product was more impressive on the backend, and we already figured out how to solve some of the problems that they are facing, they were first – and in this industry that’s all that counts.
While we are terribly disheartened by our idea not making it into the big league, we learnt a lot, and we’re glad that an independent student like us, rather than a faceless corporation got in on this idea.
I would like to wish Leif Brooks, creator of Omegle the best of luck for a successful application.


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