Wednesday, February 17, 2010

leif k-brooks

Omegle is a website used for talking to strangers and "meeting new friends" via chat. The site was created by 18-year old Leif K-Brooks of Brattleboro, Vermont and was launched on March 25, 2009.[1][2] The name "Omegle" is an alteration of the word omega. The blue part of the logo contains an omega (Ω) turned diagonally

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Omegle: An Impressive "Web 2.0" Chat Service

Are you interesting enough at first impression? Do you introduce yourself well? On Omegle if you don't you're disconnected.

My impressions:
1. Technically, it works really well.
2. What it is: web-based chat with random strangers.
3. Reminds me of my early days on IRC. You meet new people that are guaranteed to be at least somewhat interested in talking.
4. There is full anonymity, in the sense that you don't have a consistent identity that's kept from one conversation to another.*
5. There is no cost to disconnecting, if you don't like the conversation.
6. It's very much like speed-IRC, as in "speed dating" as opposed to regular dating.
7. Since you get a very specific IRC-like experience (meeting new people you'll never meet again anonymously), you can practice like Socrates did on the beach (Imri corrected this to Demosthenes: You have only a few minutes and a few sentences to convince someone you're interesting, or they just disconnect, and you both move on.
8. You still have a lot of the IRC-like stuff, as in being asked "a/s/l" and so on. [age/sex/location]
9. I wondered how secure it is, who is logging the conversations/ip addresses involved etc.

All in all, a cute service. Also nice to know it was written by an 18-year old that's just finishing high-school, and as I said, it works well.


My take on it is similar, I was very excited:

Omegle has a simple interface. No complex functionality at all. You can chat, and you can disconnect. You are anonymous unless you choose to tell the other person who you are.

I just finished my first chat there, and it was fun. It seems like a waste to me to be able to chat with people and yet not necessarily keep in touch, but the experience with the types of people you meet makes all the difference.

Unlike Imri, I was not reminded of Demosthenes meeting random people on the beach, but rather of the old classic movie adaptation for the novel Logan's Run where random people who match you exactly are transported to you so you can have non-committal sexual relations. Only in Omegle's case, not sexual.
This won't turn into a dating service (I'll probably be proven wrong).

The experience felt like a shot in the dark. You find someone random, defying the whole idea of the Internet where interest groups on every subject meet each other and become a marketing force based on that affiliation.

More interesting, this service as Imri mentioned with the Demosthenes story, raises the subject of how one introduces oneself to be interesting. Also, it allows us to talk to people without any prior knowledge or prejudice on who they are, which normally affects our social engine--how we treat other people and get treated.

The story of Omegle once again shows us that the cost of developing on computers is small to non-existent. If an 18 years old guy can create this, anyone can learn how to.

Omegle ALternative :

Do you like the stranger chat website Omegle? Lots of people do. You get to chat with a random stranger from anywhere in the world.

However, there are a few problems with Omegle:
*Spam bots
*People speaking a different language than you
*Not being able to specify the gender of the person you're chatting with

One site has emerged that is like Omegle, called Getting Random. On Getting Random, you can choose to talk with Guys or Girls. Also it filters out annoying bots and spammers. Finally, you can use the app through your Facebook account as well. To try it out, click here.

Omegle! This Teenager Wants You to Chat with a Stranger

Everyone's talking about Omegle, a new chat website which promises to hook you up with a random person on the Internet. It's the perfect antidote to Facebook's real-people prissiness: Social networking with perfect strangers.
According to the Omegle blog, the site is the brainchild of Leif K-Brooks, an 18-year-old high school student who lives in Brattleboro, Vermont. Which makes perfect sense: If you've been to Brattleboro, it's easy to imagine how quickly a clever teen might run out of interesting people to talk to. And yet Facebook, with its insistence on real names, has made making friends online so cumbersome. Part of Twitter's charm is its throwback use of quirky Internet usernames. (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg goes by "finkd" on the message-broadcasting service.)
Omegle takes that one step further, replacing goofy pseudonyms with perfect anonymity. (Chat partners are identified simply as "stranger.") It's the Internet-chat version of truckstop-bathroom sex — hotter because you don't know who you're hooking up with.

And yet it's over so soon.

Omele sex

I  normally wouldn’t post about a trendy web app but it has so much in common with an iPhone app I recently discussed that I thought it might be interesting to mention it. The app I’m speaking of, which has recently gained quite a bit of web popularity, is called Omegle (official blog here).

Omegle is a simple but quite interesting app. When you go to the site, all you have to do is click the “Start a Chat” button and you’re off. There is no registration, no downloads, no wait time. But who are you chatting with? Well, that’s the interesting thing. You are chatting to another person, selected completely at random, who is also using Omegle. There are no names, no information at all on who you are chatting to. It is completely anonymous. By the way, the creator of Omegle is apparently 18 years old.

The iPhone app this reminded me of immediately is Distant Shore. Distant Shore has the same anonymity, the same concept of conversing with complete strangers. However, in Distant Shore, the exchanges are by “messages in bottles tossed into the sea.” So there is a significant delay between responses. With Omegle the communication is always active and immediate. You can think of the difference as similar to that between e-mail and IM. Another difference is that in Distant Shore the key aspect, talking to random people, is surrounded by a game of sorts. You have the beach atmosphere, the collection of shells, the inventory. Omegle strips all of this away and gives you the conversation immediately.

That’s not to say one is better and one is worse. If you wish to get to the talking right away, Omegle is for you. If you prefer the whole atmospheric approach, you should try Distant Shore. Or you can use both of them…depending on what you are in the mood for. That’s what I’ve been doing and I feel like they both have their place in this wacky world of random chatting.

I will say that the overall quality of the conversations I’ve had are better in Distant Shore than Omegle. I think it’s because the atmosphere is conducive to taking the time to write actual messages. And people who spend the time collecting shells will likely take the time to write something of value. Not to mention that if you’re going to buy the app, you probably want to actually use it. On Omegle, it’s so easy for anyone to click that button that you get more people who just want to screw around. And there seems to be a lot of lurkers - people who lose their nerve or something. Because I often find people will just disconnect after you say hello. There’s also a lot more people looking for sex chat on Omegle…so hey - if that’s your thing Omegle is the place for you.

I’ve certainly had some really good conversations on Omegle and met some very interesting people. And the immediate chat thing does provide a bit of a bigger rush than sending a letter. But the probability of getting someone to speak rationally with is lower. On the other hand, with Omegle if you don’t like the conversation or the person is not responding it only takes one second to start a new session. I’ll mainly stick to Distant Shore myself but I’ll probably mess around with Omegle from time to time.

I was unsure what to think about Distant Shore in many ways. And I still don’t have the answers to the questions I raised in that post. The same questions apply to Omegle. Is this kind of communication exciting? Educational? Sad? Depressing? I’m not sure, but I do find the whole thing interesting. Try it for yourself and see what you think.

OMEGLE,, Talk to a stranger right now

Are you bored to death and looking for new way to kill your time? Fadeup with Twitter, Orkut, Facebook and all the people you know in your online social network..? Here comes OMEGLE to help you get connected to a stranger right now. OMEGLE is an online browser based chat service that connects you (called you in OMEGLE WORLD) to a random person (called Stranger) instantly. The service is not much diffirent than a normal chat service other than the fact that It instantly connects you to a random STRANGER and lets you contuie to chat. Both you and the Stranger has the option to disconnect the momnet you feel its not worth to continue and immediately you can get connected to some other stranger and it goes on till you realize that you have wasted so much of time.

OMEGLE was created by a 18 years old boy!! yes you heard me right. and within months of it’s launch OMEGLE is pulling about 150,000 hits every day(imagine how much people are bored with the people they already know and how much they are in need to find and connect to new people). It’s a very simple service as of now and the match that it finds for you is also not based on any matching algorithm to hook you up with anyone with any matching crieterias.
Some facts about OMEGLE:
Was created by  18 year old Leif K-Brooks from Brattleboro, Vermont.
Launched on March 25th 2009 with an initial capacity to handle 100 concurent users.
OMEGLE is an alteration to word OMEGA and doesn’t have any meaning of it’s own.
As of now its hitting about 150,000 per day visitors.
OMEGLE is also available as an iPhone App.

Visit Omegle website:
Download Omegle iPhone App:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Omegle What the fcuk.....

Stranger: are you Tod Goldstein McFarm?
You: no
Your conversational partner has disconnected.



One Omegle chatter got this warning.

I was talking to this guy and I sent him the FBI thing and he received a message

"If the above message says you have been reported to the FBI, it is not legitimate. Please ignore it."

It seems like it has a keyword thing, if you write anything with FBI they receive that message.

Answer : 
Just Rumour,nothing need to worry.

Question from one of subscribe member?

I got this omegle FBI message. this person was talking all nice and everything then i went away for a minute..?

and came back he had said all the sexual stuff. & then there was this message about the FBI. it also said if you get this message then disregard it. its not legit..? im scared im only 14. it said it saved my IP address. then after that message it ended the chat

Did the guy KNOW you were 14? Perhaps the FBI is watching him. They aren't likely to send the message, BUT they may have been alerting him they caught him. You aren't telling us what the message said. Also you aren't telling us how old this person you were talking to was. It may have said to disregard it because that was meant for you to disregard it as anything. It was meant just for the guy. Honestly though I think there is a better chance someone was being an idiot.

4 New Funny Omegle Convos | Funniest Omegle Logs

you’re now chatting with a random stranger. say hi!
stranger: greetings you delicious stranger
you: thanks
stranger: that wasn’t a compliment
you: i know
stranger: how was your day?
stranger: did you meet tim at the mall?
you: yeah
stranger: that guy is such a douche
stranger: don’t you think?
you: yeah i think so too
stranger: i know you are a spambot
stranger: bye forever
connecting to server…
stranger: hi
stranger: a/s/l
you: tell me a story
stranger: once upon a time
stranger: there was a stranger
stranger: he said
stranger: f_ck you

connecting to server…
looking for someone you can chat with. hang on.
you’re now chatting with a random stranger. say hi!
you: you walk into a room and see a flash what do you do?
stranger: turn around and walk out
you: cowardice.
you: you lost the game.
connecting to server…
looking for someone you can chat with. hang on.
you’re now chatting with a random stranger. say hi!
stranger: hi
you: you walk into a room and see a flash what do you do?
stranger: smile
you: unable to see anything, you smiled. someone suddenly thrust something like a microphone in your hands, then walked back into the room. what you do?
stranger: speak
you: you spoke.
you: as the flash thins off, you notice several beaten down and a few dead people in the room, and a staircase going down.
you: you look at your hand and see a small blunt weapon covered in blood.
you: you started to hear police sirens. what you do?
stranger: run
you: you started running. two police officers saw you. they drew their guns and started shooting. what you do?
stranger: ninja
you: you try to ninja your way out. a bullet pierced through your forehead. h_adshot, b_tch.
you: you lost the game.
stranger: lawl
Thanks M. Tekin for the logs

I’m From CNN, I’m From CNDA | Omegle Humor Goes on

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: I’m From CNN
Stranger: im from CNDA
Stranger: NWAI
You: hold on, googling it
Stranger: FINLAND!
You: rofl
Stranger: hahhah
You: lol, The Worst Site On The Internet | Funny Omegle Conversation

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: life is like a dick
Stranger: when its hard
Stranger: you f_ck it
You: i don’t think so buddy.
You: just a bit calm down
You: lol, that’s an awesome answer.

Join a Anonymous Chat Room at Omegle

Omegle is a neat chat service. Created by an 18-year-old high school student Leif K-Brooks, Omegle lets you have a conversation with a completely random stranger. The chats are completely anonymous, and it does away with goofy usernames, opting to identify your chat partner simply as Stranger.
There is no filtering on it though and people can be completely inappropriate and it probably won’t take long before sex-starved strangers/murderers will be cybering you for naked pictures. I only send photos of my genitals to people I know (and hate).
Give it a try at Omegle and see some interesting conversations at an Omegle tumblelog.

Spricht Deutsch?

Omegle Blog #1

Stranger: Hi
Stranger: horny?
You: HAI
You: No i'm just pretty death
Stranger: oh
You: yeah ikr
You: are you death?
You: man you have slow fingers
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Omegle: Random Chats with Random People

new website has popped up on the Internet that I stumbled upon called Omegle. The idea is simple yet cool at the same time. When connected to the site you are randomly matched with another individual and placed in a chat room. What happens here is up to you and of course you are dealing with the Internet.
The idea was created by Leif K-Brooks and was first launched on March 25th. Playing around with it I encountered a cross section of the Internet, a little weird but in some cases some pretty cool conversations. Your results may vary but the popularity of the site has only grown.
Around 1800 people are now connected and chatting and I can’t help but thinking that the website is bringing us all a bit closer together… virtually that is. Is this what the whole “Web 2.0″ phenomenon was about? I’m not quite sure but it’s pretty damn cool either way.
Leif says he wants to see meaningful discussions and not just trolls and spam and will be looking for a way to crack down on such activity. I wish him well as I continue to explore the far reaches of the Internet and Omengle is taking me one step closer.