Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Question from one of subscribe member?

I got this omegle FBI message. this person was talking all nice and everything then i went away for a minute..?

and came back he had said all the sexual stuff. & then there was this message about the FBI. it also said if you get this message then disregard it. its not legit..? im scared im only 14. it said it saved my IP address. then after that message it ended the chat

Did the guy KNOW you were 14? Perhaps the FBI is watching him. They aren't likely to send the message, BUT they may have been alerting him they caught him. You aren't telling us what the message said. Also you aren't telling us how old this person you were talking to was. It may have said to disregard it because that was meant for you to disregard it as anything. It was meant just for the guy. Honestly though I think there is a better chance someone was being an idiot.


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