Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today we'll be talking about vagina. we all know about it, and hold dear, But fuck! It's ugly. and i am being as true as i have ever been. The female genitalia is gross. bear with me as i tread on thin ice, and go against rudivaadi behen-ki-chut notions that its sexy and all. its actually all the pheromones, hormones and such shit some ape ate in the distant past and has evolved with it ever since. no, this shit is not made up. its in the bible too, Adam and Eve, Aadam aur Haua. yes the apple.

so lets compare it with its counterpart, the thing inside my pants and your pants, and thing under a dog's belly that, as a kid, you always thought was a dick but could never say for sure or ask out of propriety of conduct. the crotch rocket. Its not beautiful. sure its not. neither is a lamp post, but its not exactly ugly either. i mean its like any rod like thing standing erect. so, its neutral, at worst.

the vagina, Vajh or chuniya-muniya, on the other hand looks like, and let me be very terse about it, somebody went V for vendetta against the crotch with a shotgun. from the inside. I mean its that ugly, like an accident. this doesn't mean that a woman is not beautiful. women are hot man. they are beautiful all over, and niggers like me are more than happy to get a second look. Its just that the Vajh is like a point of discontinuity. that and their whore of a mouth. god must have been like - since you're going to be fucked and molested by men for eternities to come, so you might as well look like a cunt too. here. 
had they even been given a card swiping machine instead, women would have looked triple-sexy naked.

ike that. wow so hot.

I am sorry negroes i felt like spewing some shit and harassing some abla nari. thats in the past now.


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