Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unusual Omegle Problem : disconnect

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: your move
Stranger: hello
You: hi
You: check
Stranger: where are you from ? =)
You: massachusetts
Stranger: cool.
You: y tu?
Stranger: I'm from brazil, nice to meet you
You: you as well!
You: do you know: Astrud Gilberto?
You: (I know you know Ronaldo)
Stranger: no
You: You should definitely know Astrud Gilberto!
Stranger: is he a singer ?
You: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrud_Gilberto
Stranger: YEEES, ronaldo is a very good soccer player
You: SHE is a very good singer.
You: Have you heard "The Girl From Ipanema?"
Stranger: ooh, i will see
Stranger: yees
You: Bossa Nova, baby!
You: The best thing to come out of Brazil since before Ronaldo!
Stranger: do you know brazilian music ?
Stranger: aeuheauehuehueh
You: A little.
Stranger: have you ever listen Nx Zero ?
You: She is married to João Gilberto.
You: No.
You: That sounds like something I would not be into.
You: But I will check it out!
Stranger: Nx Zero is the best band here in the moment
You: *at* the moment
Stranger: uahuahuah
Stranger: thanks..
You: (my Portuegese sucks...)
You: Portuguese
Stranger: i'm learning how to speak in english
You: you are doing a great job!
You: Do you know la pelicula "City of God"?
You: That is a great movie set in Brazil.
Stranger: yes
You: That is the extent of my knowledge of Brazil: The Gilbertos and "City of God"
You: And Ronaldo
Stranger: is a story in 'FAVELA' on Rio de Janeiro
Stranger: don't forget Ronaldo
You: Brincadeira. Falo fluentemente Português!
Stranger: eer
Stranger: você é daqui ?
You: Na verdade, eu só sei como usar o Google Translate!
You: Falo todos os idiomas usando o Google Translate!
Stranger: eu tambem sei usar.. mas estou tentando trinar meu ingles.
You: Bom para você!
Stranger: i'm seeing you are a boy.
You: Bom para você!
You: Sim, eu sou um menino! Tenho 31 anos!
Stranger: ( so let's talk in english again pls ) :P
Stranger: huum.
You: É claro! Como quiser.
You: So, where were we?
You: What is your name?
You: What do you do?
You: How old are you? Are you male or female?
Stranger: my name is Laís, I'm female (haha)
You: That is a nice name.
Stranger: and I'm 15
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: and.. what is your name ?
You: My name is Wayne.
You: Are you studying English in school?
Stranger: just a little
You: I think Omegle provides a very good opportunity for learning conversational English, don't you agree?
Stranger: i'm studing in a English school, because in my high school the English is very low.
Stranger: yees, I agree
You: What time is it where you are right now?
Stranger: it's 9:16 p.m
You: That is one hour ahead of me. It is 8:16 pm here.
You: What do you want to do when you grow up?
Stranger: ooh, i's a good question
You: Perhaps the most important question...
Stranger: yes
Stranger: but i'm thinking about to be chemistry
You: "I am thinking that I would like to be a chemist"
You: or
You: "I am thinking about chemistry"
Stranger: you are help me! *-*
Stranger: thank you so much
You: that is a good profession
You: i studied chemistry.
Stranger: yes, I like that
Stranger: really ?
You: but i prefer more language-based activities (rather than formulas)
Stranger: at the university ?
You: I took college classes in chemistry while I was in high school, but decided against pursuing a degree in chemistry.
Stranger: I understood.. I like all the chemistry
You: There is much to like.
You: Do you know: PV=nRT ?
Stranger: yeeees
You: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideal_gas_law
You: That is most of what I remember from my chemistry studies
Stranger: equacao geral of gases
You: Yes!
Stranger: aueheauheauheauhe
Stranger: enthalpy
You: Good luck with your chemistry studies, Laís. I have to go now.
You: Bye bye
Stranger: and so on..
Stranger: nooooo
Stranger: do you have orkut ?
Stranger: or twitter ?
Stranger: i liked to talk to you
You: No. Orkut is big in Brazil, but not here.
Stranger: you help me so much
Stranger: my space ?
You: Not on twitter.
Stranger: msn ?
You: Not on myspace. I don't have time for that.
Stranger: oh, I don't know
You: Maybe we will talk on Omegle again!
You: By chance!
Stranger: it's very difficult
Stranger: but..
Stranger: maybe
You: Yes.
You: Good luck.
Stranger: thank you
Stranger: good luck for you too
You: Adeus! Boa sorte!
Stranger: tchaau! =)
You have disconnected.


Anonymous said...

omegle rocks

Anonymous said...

That was mean to her lol

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