Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is omegle.com safe?

Is omegle.com safe? my friends go on there all of the time and i just dont feel safe there?


Comments  by admin:1)You probely don't want to go there i went on today it really is not a good place. All i said was hi then they started to act really abusive and started insulting me, it happened over 40 times because iv been on there all morining and this afternoon. I don't know if i want to go there anymore, everybody i meant on there is cruel and insulting some said like fu** you sh** bag etc. Everyone on there is insulting and abusive they will keep asking you for things like "asl" meaning "Age, Sex and location". Yeah the place is horrible when i went there. I may never go there again. But rarly will you see anyone even act nice. When you go the link it'll say start a chat, but once you start talking you may want to quit fast or else. They are very insulting and abusive Trust me!. I'd stay away for my own reasons. i dont want to not be insulted and very abused anymore..



2)Use McAfee Site Advisor website to check if there are any problems such as malware. However, you never know if its a scam site until you read other user comments. Do a search for the site. 


3)Obviously not. Some might feel safe because of the anonymity but there are a lot of people out there who will use the anonymity to abuse other people. I went there once, never again.




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