Saturday, November 6, 2010

So, What is Omegle, Really?

So, What is Omegle, Really?

The Official Omegle Website is:
Omegle is an online stranger chat site that allows you to chat with people all over the world. When you click "Start a Chat", the site connects you to someone else on the site. Once you start a chat, you are marked "You" and the person you are chatting with is marked "Stranger". You and your chatting partner both have the option of disconnecting the chat at any given time.
There is no age, country, or any other requirement you have to meet to use Omegle. There does not seem to be a filter on anything you type (profanity, sexual language, violence, ect.) so be careful with what information you give out. Omegle doesn't require an account or any form of singing up, all you need to do is press "Start a Chat".

A Brief History

Omegle was launched March 25th, 2009 by Leif K-Brooks, an 18-year-old male from Brattleboro, Vermont. At first, the site got about 100 users at a given time. Now, it isn't unusual for Omegle to have 5,000 users online. (sometimes up to 6,000). The name "Omegle" is a play on the word omega.
There is now an Omegle application that lets you use Omegle from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Omegle Conversations

Because there are so many unique personalities in the world, there are infinite personalities on Omegle as well. While some Omeglers are perverted, there are some genuinely nice, interesting, and funny people out there. I've had many fun conversations of Omegle, ranging from purple hair to story telling, and everything in between.
A common conversation starter (though extremely boring) is "asl". By giving your age, sex, and location, you usually defeat the opportunity to have a quirky or comical conversation. Plus, many Omeglers lie, as there is no way to verify information you get. I like to start a conversation out by a random statement, and you and your stranger can take the chat to new hights. Another cool way to start is by saying "Once upon a time". This way, you and your partner can continue the story, and the results are usually very funny.
If your partner is typing things that are offensive to you, you can always disconnect and try your luck out with a new stranger.
The important thing to remember when chatting on Omegle is to be safe. There are some crazy people out there, so don't get convinced into giving away personal information if you aren't ready.


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Just saw a new post on lovinglyshared about omegle, but she doesn't name it.
I'd love to see more women online! WOmen should read her blog.

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