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Omegle for iPhone Rel. [talk to STRANGERS]

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Omegle: Chat With Strangers

We all love chatting. But sometimes, it gets a bit to boring to chat with the same bunch of people day in and day out. People on your chat list know what you are like and what you do, thus leaving out many possibilities of having an exciting chat.

To beat the monotony of chatting, here is a brand new website which enables you to chat with absolute strangers! Yes. The best part is that it saves you from all the login/registration processes and you don't even need to have a name/nickname! Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like. Sounds cool, doesn't it? It is.

This addictive website is developed by Leif K-Brooks, an18 year old who is currently finishing his senior year of high school and plans to major in computer science. Launched on March 25, this unique website has grabbed the attention of thousands of users.

We spoke to a few "Strangers" about why they like this website and are hooked on to it. Most of them said it's so that they meet new people, learn about other countries and cultures and some just said "life is boring and this is a good way to have fun."

While there are chances you will end up chatting with some real weirdos, you will also eventually find sane people on the website.

Even tough trolls are currently the biggest problem faced by Omegle, Leif K-Brooks assures, "I consider this a very serious issue, and I'm working on methods of controlling it as much as possible."

The idea behind this site is a lot similar to that behind A Nice Chat, where one can meet new people, without having to register or submit any personal information.

Even though we love the website, we are still wondering the secret behind the name "Omegle".
You can start chatting on Omegle here.

10 Ways for Live Video Chat with Strangers

2010, Networking is the key. Connecting with people in virtual world is what we all do. Everyone is a stranger until you become friend with them. Most people get stress with work and badly need to pass time. Sometimes, they get bored chatting with friends too. So how about random video chatting with strangers ?

No need of disclosing your identity, Kill the work stress by spending time, Ultimately connect with random strangers irrespective of their geographic location.

Random Video Chat with Strangers


Omegle is a famous service that you might have known for random text chats with strangers, recently it has introduced web cam chat with strangers. You can have video chat with random strangers. No age limit or registration is required. Webcam is needed and you can also save your conversation log to your pc or share it on Facebook.

Lollichat is an awesome website for making new friends around the world. Just enable your webcam and enter into the website. Click New Start, it automatically connects with people randomly

Camfrog – Camfrog is a free live webcam software for windows and mac osx which allows video sharing in chat rooms. It has number of users with hundreds of communities all over the network. It has crossed more than 30 million downloads and millions of registered users



This service is from the famous network tinychat. It is also similar like chatroulette, which allows webcam chat with random strangers. You need to install flash for seeing the User Interface. Webcam is must and registration is via your Facebook account. You should connect through your facebook account.


6rounds is not only a place for video chat, but it also allows people to listen to music, play games and watch YouTube videos. The random strangers are displayed as 3D bubbles with their profile. Just select the person from that and have a random chat. You must be 18+ to use this website. registration required.

AnybodyThere ? – 

Anybodythere is an amazing site which selects random people according to your taste. Just ask a question or share your thoughts, you will be shown with people of same kind of interests. Awesome isn’t it ?

CamStumble – 

It’s really an excellent website for video, audio, and live chat randomly via the stumble factor. Each user may stumble onto as many other users as they want.


Shufflepeople is similar to chatroulette website, It also has a header like ” Chat Roulette style webcam chat “.


Randomdorm is specially designed for college students. It needs registration and while registering it accepts only email ids which has .edu email id provided by your University or college. It has Facebook integration, but again your facebook account should be registered with your university email id. Webcam is only optional. It allows text, voice and video chat.
Note : If you’re not above 18, please do not enter the above websites. Because sometimes it shows adult content. (NSFW)
If you find any similar websites for live webcam chat, you can share it with us !

Omegle App Review for the iPhone and iPod Touch

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Talking to strangers has never been easier. Touch a button and you are chatting with another person picked randomly from thousands of users on the omegle web site as well as other iPhone users. Conversations are totally anonymous, although nothing stops you from revealing your personal details if you wish to. Simple, fast and beautiful interface, full support for landscape mode, convenient automatic scrolling.

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